Pro Individual Programme

It is our core belief that in order to optimise development we must objectively individualise.

We understand the challenges ahead to perform for an entire season. We also know elite professionals require world-class preparation. But ultimately, we know we deliver.

We pride ourselves on delivering exclusive, bespoke training camps for professional athletes as an individual or in the form of a group during the off-season, incorporating elite physical and technical high-performance training at world-class facilities around the world.

Our Athletes will experience

Pro Individualised

We carefully structure a coordinated individualised plan in connection with the Player, Club, National team and key stakeholders. This is supported by open-door policy touch points to truly optimise coordinated service delivery.

We deliver a pioneering service, underpinned by our culture of excellence to optimise individual athlete performance. Harnessing our reputation as The Team Behind The Pro.
Strength and Conditioning

Performance Nutrition

Performance Psychology

Data Driven Football Insights / Tactical

On-pitch, position specific technical training (Pre SZN/Winter Camps)

Performance Science Insights

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Bespoke Pricing Model
Pricing Available On Request
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