The Traainer App. A development platform aimed to elevate your game. We optimise potential, accelerating your game to the next level, through a combination of digital and in-person learning opportunities designed to further you on the field.

We create bespoke periodised physical development programmes coordinated by world leading practitioners, consisting of:
As part of the Traainer App you'll receive

1. Periodised Strength & Conditioning Programme

  • 1st Team | U21 | U18 | U16 | U14 programmes, each consisting of:
  • Strength & Hypertrophy Focus
  • Speed & Power Focus
  • Energy System Development Focus
  • Instant access to the Bridge Athletic Traainer App
  • Individually designed by industry-leading practitioners who have developed some of the game’s brightest, emerging talent.

2. Performance Nutrition Programme in partnership with SZND (Additional Charge)

  • Unique, creative & bespoke offering, available for purchase on our online store
  • Interactive resources on Immunity, Post-Match Recovery, Pre-Match preparation

3. Individual Programme Customisation (Additional Charge)

  • Ability to purchase 4-week programme with bespoke customisation
  • Includes 1-1 x 30-min call with Professionally Accredited S&C coach
  • Includes technical feedback via Bridge Athletic Traainer App
Join us now for your chance to be part of an exclusive teamand experience these training methodologies through a World Class App.
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